Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hellooo everybody!

So on Saturday morning, Sister Richins was busy packing and I was busy updating the Area Book,  looking over maps and making sure I knew the area and everything.  Then we get a phonecall from the Assistants!  Oh, who could my new companion be? I was excited to find out.  The Assistant, Elder Fontes, said that Sister Richins would, of course, be going home.  Then he asked me if I wanted to go to Pocatello.   "No," I replied simply.  He hesitated.  I had thought he was joking.  But apparently he wasn't.  I've been called as a Sister Training Leader and I am going to Pocatello to join Sister Green, who was just in St. Anthony before me as companions with Sister Richins.  I was stunned.  I was really upset, to be honest.  I was expecting them to turn St. Anthony into a Sister Training Leader area.  I had honestly thought that I would be spending the rest of my mission in St. Anthony.  After hanging up with them, I completely abandoned my tasks that I had been doing before, began packing, and just cried.  For a good while as I was packing, I was pretty mopey.  It's just that we've had so many miraculous things happen in St. Anthony, we had had 14 new investigators come our way in a single month, and now they were whitewashing the area?  It just made me really sad that I was going to have to leave after just a transfer.  But I tried to find positives in the sadness. "at least it'll be warmer in Pocatello". "at least I'll be with the same Zone I was before."  Ha that'll be weird.  I said goodbye to everybody in the Pocatello Zone down there, and now I'm already coming back to the Zone.  "Just kidding, y'all, I'm back!" 

Well it's been wonderful being here.  Just wasn't long enough, but I know I'll learn new things no matter where I'm serving and who I'm with.  

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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