Monday, September 28, 2015

                                                                                  TRANSFER DAY!
                                         Trying to teach Elder Anderson how to do Grumpy Cat Face!
                                                                  Saying good-bye to Sister Stephens
                                                          Last Good-byes to the good folks of Inkom

                                                      Totally Lost Photo Op!  Anybody else see it?

Helloooh to everybody!

Here I am in St. Anthony.  At the moment I am in the family history center here, munching on some who-knows-how-old dried apples that I found in our apartment.  There was lots of random food stuff in there when I got here, so we're trying to get rid of most of it by either throwing it away or eating it so that we can make more room for food we will buy at the store.  I don't think anyone's gone through the past missionaries' stuff for years--there were cans and foods from like 2013.  Gross.  But it feels great to de-junk.  It's quite therapeutic. 

The area that we cover has a whopping 9 wards.  That's the size of my first and second area combined.  It's a bit overwhelming, and there are a lot of names, people, and meeting times to remember, but slowly and surely, I'm sure I'll get it.  I'm just praying for the Lord to expand my mind so that I can fit everything inside.

My companion is Sister Richins.  She is from Flagstaff, Arizona, is 20 years old, has been out for 14 months, and has a beautiful singing voice.  Upon arriving here, I was told that we have 2 investigators that are preparing for baptism!  So that is a pleasant surprise!  Sounds like St. Anthony has been really catching fire.  Since both Sister Richins and I are pretty new, we're still trying to figure out our area, meet all 9 of our Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders, setting up dinner schedules, etc.  Keeping us busy for sure.  

Ew. These apples are really gross.  But for some reason I can't stop eating them.  

We had a lesson with Trevor and Sicily yesterday, a young couple that the missionaries have been teaching.  It was a great lesson on following the prophet and how they can prepare for general conference this weekend.  It made me ponder on how I personally can prepare for general conference.  I have decided to take my own advice and come to conference with a few specific questions in mind. I will write these questions down, watch general conference, and take notes on the things I hear or impressions I receive that answer my questions.  I recommend that everyone try it!  Here is a video on how to prepare.

Women's Session on Saturday was awesome!  I loved Linda Reed's talk on staying pure in a world with so much impurity.  Her advice to pray continually and read the scriptures was a point that we got to talk about with Trevor during his lesson, so I was grateful for the inspiration. 

Love you all soo much! 
God Bless,
Sister Moreland

Monday, September 21, 2015

Well, guess who's getting transferred?

We get transfer calls on Thursday, and usually if you are getting transferred, they called you around noon or 1:00, maybe 2:00 at the very latest.  So we were doing weekly planning this Thursday, and it was Noon, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, we went out and started seeing people 4:00...still no call.  So we are like "Cool! We're both staying here another transfer!"  At 4:45, we get a call from the APs.  They informed us that Sister Stephens is staying and that Sister Fa'oa, from Tonga, will be accompanying her.  I will be transferring to St. Anthony! That's Sister Stephens' first area! That's the 2nd time that I've gotten transferred to my companion's first area.  I was surprised, and honestly a bit disappointed.  I had really hoped to stay here one more transfer.  Oh well.  God needs me where He needs me.  But it's gonna be cold as heck in St. Anthony.  My new companion will be Sister Richins.  Her name is familiar, but I've met her, and I don't know anything about her.  I didn't even think to ask the AP's anything about her because I was just so stunned that I was even getting transferred.

Whew, boy transfers are crazy.  I was talking yesterday with some men from the ward and they were talking about how, back in their day, they would call you the night before to tell you if you were getting transferred.  I'm just glad they give us 6 days to pack up and get prepared! But it still doesn't feel like enough.  There are too many people to say goodbye to!  Also, my new companion Sister Richins has only been in St. Anthony for 2 weeks, so both of us are going to be pretty new to the area.  So we are pretty much whitewashing (both new to the area having to figure things out.)  So that makes me a little nervous, but I'm sure we'll be okay.  

Bleh. I hate packing.  I have finally admitted it.  I am a hoarder.  I can't get myself to get rid of anything.  Mom, Dad, you'll be finding a package in the mail soon that is full of junk that I couldn't bring myself to get rid of but that wouldn't fit in my suitcase.  Thanks.

Can't wait to see what new adventures this transfer brings!! Besides frozen toes and frostbite. Love y'all!

Sister Moreland

goodbye to the Lopez Family!

Monday, September 14, 2015

                                                                            At Idaho State Fair
                                                                             Idaho State Fair
                                                 Pink Dress Notecard mom sent - makes a pretty dress

                                                Paige, Jeremy, Zaiah, Trinity, Me and Sister Stephens


We went to the FAIR last P-day!  Our investigator, Richard, invited us, so our awesome ward mission leader, Sister Clark, took us and we met up with Richard and his wife and all went around the fair together!  First I got a 'tiger ear', which is just really big frybread with cinnamon sugar.  Then we saw the Indian relay races, which is where these guys from different Indian tribes from around the area race horses bareback, jump off the horses, then jump onto a different horse and continue racing. It is crazy!!  Also, we were walking around the different shops and things, and I saw Brock!!  He has been at school but came back to visit his family for labor day.  It was so great to see him!!  I've forgotten how much I've missed some of my friends back home. Great day!

TRINITY GOT BAPTIZED!!!  Her and her family have been preparing so much for this day!  There was a bit of last-minute confusion about who was baptizing her (apparently her Uncle didn't get the memo! :o  )  but it eventually all worked out, and there was a great turn-out.  

The Lord is with me. I can feel Him supporting me through every day.  There is still so much for me to learn and do here, I just hope I can cram it all into the time that the Lord has allotted me.  I love studying the gospel.  If I could do it all day, I would.  If I could just bury myself in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon, studying the life of the Savior, I would.  Sometimes, when we're walking, I like to imagine the Savior, in his sandals and his long white robe, walking in front of me, leading us where to go.  All I have to do is follow, as the disciples of old did.  It gives me confidence knowing that the Savior has promised to "go before [my] face." I know that he has promised to "be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up."   

 I have felt this personally, and I know it's true. I pray that you can all feel this influence.

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

Monday, September 7, 2015

                                 Ran into Brock, a fellow thespian from BYU, while at the State Fair in Idaho

Hellloooooooooo Everybody!

Gotta keep this short because we are leaving in 30 minutes to go to the IDAHO FAIR!!! It's in Blackfoot, so I'm really hoping to see old friends and investigators from Blackfoot! :D Gonna be a fun day!!

Trinity (10) and her parents are preparing for her baptism this Saturday! We are super excited for her and her family. They really have had a desire to come back to the gospel and to receive the blessings accordingly.  Making gospel habits can be hard, but it's always worth it. 
 One thing Sister Stephens and I have realized this week is that the Lord always lovingly beckons, he never forces.  Satan, however, "drags". He does anything and everything to take our agency away from us.  That is exactly why it is so hard to stop bad habits that keep you from the Savior, but really easy to slip out of good habits, because the Savior never forces.  But He always wants to help, so we just have to pray for strength to get into/continue good habits!

Love you all sooooo much! I will make sure and send lots of pics next week from the FAIR!! 

God Bless,
Sister Moreland