Monday, October 26, 2015

To my loved ones,

Well Sister Stephens has decided to go home.  She will be leaving at the end of this transfer, which is one week from today.  She's been a great companion, I will really miss her.  Having only been in this huge area for 6 weeks, I'm a little nervous about leading out the area.  I can't even remember where everything is...wish me luck!  Or if you'd like, a prayer for my mind to be expanded would be much appreciated! haha :)  


Okay, I've got to tell a little miracle story here.  About a week ago we got a phone call from a newlywed couple (both returned missionaries) that said they invited their non-member neighbors to dinner at their house and would like us to come!  We went yesterday.  The family consisted of the parents and 4 daughters.  They just moved from Oregon a few months ago, hence why they are all non-members.  They told us that they were Christian and attended a bible church in town.  After dinner, we shared a message with them about Christ and his restored church.  We asked if we could continue to meet with them to teach them more about the gospel.  I didn't think they would say yes, especially since they already have a church they've been going to (most people are pretty content with their own church if they have one they are going to consistently).  But the wife surprised me by saying "Sure!" I was elated.  We set up an appointment for this Wednesday to begin teaching them.  Sister Richins and I praised God the entire rest of the day for that wonderful miracle!

Love you all so much, hope everything is going well! I continue to keep you in my prayers!
God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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