Monday, October 19, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

What a week!

Sister Richins was sick for a few days this week, so I got a bit antsy for a few days.  But we had a FANTASTIC lesson this week with Lindsay and Don.  They are fairly new investigators, Lindsay just asked the Primary President out of the blue if she could come over to her house to ask her questions about our Church.  The Primary President said yes, of course, and asked Lindsay if she could invite the missionaries, too.  Lindsay agreed, but before we even got to meet with her in the home, she came to church during the primary program and loved it! So now we are teaching her and Don, and she shared the most incredible experience with us this week.

Lindsay had accepted our commitment last week to pray about baptism, so this week she asked God if it was the right thing for her to be baptized.  She told us that in that moment, she saw in her mind's eye herself in the middle of a wheat field. As she was looking across this wheat field, she saw right in the middle a light, just a light resting on the wheat.  She didn't really know what it meant, and she's not too familiar with the Bible or parables.  She told Don about it, and Don, who is well-read in the Bible, told her that the imagery of wheat is very common in the Bible, and that Jesus uses it as a symbol in many of its parables.  She felt good about baptism and felt that what she saw as she prayed was an answer that this was the right thing for her to do.  As Lindsay told us about this experience, the spirit filled the room.  I know that what she experienced was truly from God, as He has so many different ways of communicating with us and giving us answers and direction in life.  The spirit confirmed to me that day, as it has in many other days past, that this gospel is the true and only path to God.  It's moments and lessons like these that make everything in missionary work completely worth it.  

I love y'all so much! Thank you for all your love and support!

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

We went to the sand dunes last Monday!

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