Monday, February 8, 2016

                                                                                Mikayla's Baptism

                                                                  Going on Splits with other Sisters
Hey hey everybodyyyyy!

Well, last week we visited Lucy, a girl we were working with that has a heroin addiction.  She had been clean for almost 40 days. By herself. It was incredible.  We went and saw her on Friday, and almost as soon as she opened the door I could tell that she had relapsed.  She was jittery and looked like she had been crying.  She told us how she was struggling.  We gave her words of encouragement, assuring her that God still loves her and that she shouldn't give up, that this was just one little setback, not a complete failure.  Last Wednesday she admitted herself to rehab.  Please keep her in your prayers. 

I signed up for classes at BYU last week. Hooray. Let the stress of being a normal college student begin.

We gave a Zone Training this week on "the heart."  It was interesting, there were several different talks given at MLC (mission Leadership Council) and me and sister Gilbert and the Zone Leaders (Now Elder Welling and Elder Beck) decided to each train on one of those. One was the Holy Ghost, one was on 'the heart', one was 'teach repentance baptize converts", a theme from the missionary devotional.  All pretty different topics. But it was so weird how during Zone Training, all of the trainings took a turn in a way where there was one consistent theme running through all of them---personal conversion. Every single one.  I am thoroughly convinced that the Holy Ghost led all of us as we were training to say what our Zone needed to hear. 

Had a lesson with M. and A. this week. A returned missionary from Nigeria, John, also accompanied us. It was such a sweet lesson. A. gave the opening prayer (in Arabic as usual) and I asked him, out of curiosity, what he had said in his prayer. He responded "I pray that my chest will be open."  M. laughed.  But we understood that he meant an "open heart".  Haha languages are so funny. It was cute.  After asking A. about his reading of the Book of Mormon, he said "mmm I didn't really read much...just 18 pages".  Um. woah.  If only he knew, most of our American investigators don't read even half that in one week!  These guys are awesome.  

So this week, MIKAYLA GOT BAPTIZED!  Her baptism was on Saturday, and it was a wonderful service.  But man planning for baptisms is sooo stressful. Like so stressful.  They had to go and 'practice' how to be positioned when being baptized about 2 minutes before we were supposed to start, there was confusion as to when the musical number was happening, and right as the program began, I suddenly remembered that we forgot to let our neighbor's dog out like she's asked us to! yikes.  Talk about putting you on edge.  haha.  But the spirit was strong and the happiness I felt as Mikayla entered the waters of baptism quickly melted away my stress.  As soon as she came up out of the water, she said loudly, "I can't hear anything."  Haha classic Mikayla.  She is so funny.  

Well, I hope you all had a great week and were able to feel the spirit as strong as I was!  I have had several experiences these past few weeks where the confirming power of the Holy Ghost settles upon me and I just think, "It's true. It's all true."  Me and Sister Gilbert joke around that sometimes this prompting is just so inevitably strong, it just makes us want to stand up, turn over a nearby table and exclaim, "The Church is True!"  

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

Me, sister Gilbert, Sister Hoffman, and Sister Clark!
Mikayla's baptism---her real personality
A decent picture at Mikayla's baptism (the only one out of 10 where she's not making a face)

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