Monday, February 29, 2016

                                                                       At Leadership Training


 Happy leap year!

I just remembered that the Olympics are this year. 

Biggest news from this week is that we saw LUCY!!  about a month ago, she told us that she was checking into rehab.  We texted her a few days later, and a few weeks after that, but she never replied, so we assumed that she was in rehab like she said.  But on Thursday night, we saw that her lights were on.  So we went there and she was home!  Turns out insurance wouldn't cover rehab, so she's been home for the last 3 weeks. Since she lives alone, and now the only person that used to be helping her has now cut her off, so trying to get clean is a huge and overwhelming task.   We are trying to help her as much as possible.  We are getting her rides to recovery meetings every day from people in the ward, and we are trying to visit her every day to check up on her, make sure she's okay, and to just help her feel God's presence in her life in these dark times.  Addiction is a horrible thing, my friends. If you or anyone you know of anyone who is struggling with any kind of addiction, please go to the Addiction Recovery Program website .  Please pray for Lucy.  The withdraws are tough, and especially where she's living alone, she needs to feel the presence of God as much as she can.   The great thing is that one of our other investigators, Reagan, is in that same ward, and Reagan has volunteered to help Lucy out in whatever way she can. So by serving, they'll both be coming closer to Christ.  God bless these wonderful people who sacrifice their time to help someone in need. 

We are still working with Sara.  Sweet girl. She is so ready for baptism.  Just wants to tell her parents first, and then she'll be on her way to a solid baptismal date. 

I love the Lord so much. I love this work so much.  The panic of going home hasn't quite set in yet, but I can feel the dread approaching.  Not the dread of going home, per say, but just the dread of not being a missionary anymore.  I love seeing this name tag upon my chest every day.  I love the sacred calling with which I have had the privilege to represent the Savior.  I love the people that I have been able to help come unto Christ.  I will miss having a reason to walk up to a random stranger and talk to them about Jesus.  I will miss this life a lot.  But I know that moving forward is important, and I will constantly strive to do so. 

Also, I am old as of this Sunday.  Older woman

I saw a baby this week. I can't wait to hold a baby.  

Love you all so much! 
God Bless,
Sister MorelandHeavy black heart 

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