Monday, February 22, 2016

Heyyy Everybodayy!

All is well in Poky! We are teaching lots.  We taught Abe again, a fairly new investigator from Saudi Arabia. Unlike M. and A., Abe is pretty active in his faith.  But he is very interested in Christianity.  He watches Youtube videos about Christ all the time.  Haha probably not the best resource, because he's getting kind of confused with all the doctrine about the Trinity that those youtube videos talk about.  We referred him to and Bible videos and such.

A kid that is a member of the church, Ammon, came with us to teach Abe.  We have been working with Ammon for a long time.  Re-teaching him the principles of the gospel, reading the Book of Mormon with him, etc.  He has one of the shortest attention spans I have ever seen in a young adult.  So it was really weird but really neat to have him come to someone else's lesson with us--- it was a whole different side of Ammon. He was teaching and testifying, which is pretty unlike him. He is getting the missionary bug! :)) 

So funny story--we were out proselyting with one of our recent converts, Kiah.  We had just parked on the corner of a neighborhood street and a busy street.  We started to get out of the car to knock on his house when all of a sudden we see quite an interesting sight:  A minivan drives down the main street with its sliding backseat doors wide open. And on top of this minivan is a man laying on his stomach holding on to the top of the car, wearing nothing but boxers and a fake white beard and hairpiece.  Wat.  We just sat there in silence for a split second after it had driven by, then burst out laughing.  What did we just see?!?  Hahaha.  Kiah just said, "Yep. That's Pocatello for you."   Ohhhhhh college towns.  Ha it was pretty funny.

We had a missionary fireside yesterday.  And the turnout was almost 1/2 young single adults from our Stake.  I LOVE SERVING IN SINGLES WARDS. They just come to stuff. It's fantastic.  And they bring their friends and roommates!!  We had 4 investigators there, which is more than I've ever had at one fireside at one time.  The speakers were all very good, so it was a powerful one for them to come to. 
God led us to a couple people this week.  We went to an apartment complex to see this guy we had set up a lesson with.  Unfortunately, he was not home for our scheduled appointment. So we simply turned around and knocked on the door directly behind us.  In it was a guy named Tyson.  He was super nice, grew up Christian, and said he'd love to learn more about the Book of Mormon.  He also said to us, "I've got a roommate that would probably think this is pretty interesting, too. I'll see if he can be here when you come again."   uh, yeah, that would be great!!  Seriously God never ceases to amaze me, to show how much he loves us, and to show his hand in this work.  The fact that we were right at the right place when the rest of that apartment complex is full of people who just do not want to hear what we have to say.  I have gotten so many "The Church is true" moments in the last month.  It really is. It all makes sense.  The spirit it real.  I feel it every day.

I love you all so much!
God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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