Monday, August 17, 2015

                                                              Smoke from the Idaho Wildfires

                                                 Two Elders and her "Mom" (Sister Worrall) going home!
                                                                        Got the glasses, left the hat
                                                                      Selfie with a Grizzly Bear
       I held a chicken at the zoo! Caught by Elder Banez. Elder Banez is The Chicken Whisperer.
                                                                  Hidden ditches everywhere!
Hellooo everybody!

This week we made "Buddah Mochi".  Twice.  Buddah Mochi is a Hawaiian dessert stuff, it's like a sticky cake.  The first time we made it, we put too much rice flour in it, so it kind of came out tasting like sweet cornbread.  I thought it was some pretty good cornbread, but Sister Stephens said it was awful Buddah Mochi.  So we saved it in our fridge and later made strawberry short cake out of it.  We tried it again the next day, and apparently we put too much baking powder in it, so it came out tasting like a really thick crepe.  I thought it was great, but Sister Stephens still thought it was terrible.  We gave it to people anyway, haha.  

There are a couple kids from Inkom, they're all around 18 and 19, they are all non-member and really have no church influence or even God influence in their lives.  We saw one of them this week, we've seen him around quite a bit so we've gotten to know him pretty well.  He and his friend that was with him told us about the negative influence that drugs have had on their lives.  Even knowing how these things had ruined their lives, they still were not willing to accept the things that could help them recover and heal the wounds that they had.  It's sad, but we really hope that one day they will be willing to turn to something greater than themselves for help.

Sooo after a lesson on Saturday, we were pulling out of this person's very rocky and treacherous driveway, and we drove next to some shrubs.  Little did we know, these shrubs were hiding a small but deep ditch.  Our front wheel fell into this rocky ditch while our back wheel was lifted into the air.  We had to go back inside and request the help of our investigator to get out.  After a brief prayer, our resourceful friend found some wooden boards to shove underneath the front wheel, which pried it up a bit, and that did the trick!  Gahh. I am so done with car problems.

Love you all sooo much!  Thank you for your letters and emails! :)

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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