Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Man, this week flew by! 

On Thursday, we went to Pocatello to practice singing with some other sisters because we sang a song for zone training this week.  The woman that drove us to Pocatello had to stop by Costco to pick up a few things on our way home, so while she did that, we waited in the car in the parking lot.  While in the parking lot, I saw a man in the car next to us, just eatin some ice cream and waiting for someone.  His window was rolled down. 

 "Hey," my thoughts said to me, "he's right there. What a great opportunity to share the gospel!"  

Um, no. (said the logical side of my brain) This is a parking lot. And he's just minding his own business. That's weird.  

 "would Alma or some other great missionary just let someone go without inviting them to hear this great message of happiness?" 

 He's probably already a member. 

"He's not, and you know it."

I don't want to.

"Talk to him. Do it." 


I made a weird "frustration" noise, and Sister Stephens asked me what was wrong.  I told her that I was 'wrestling with the spirit'.  She asked me why, and I nodded my head towards the man.  Without hesitating, she turns and looks out the window and says to him, "Hey! I like your music!"  And proceeds to start a conversation with him about the gospel.  I was stunned.  What a great example to me my companion is.  She just does what I did not have the guts to do.  It makes me want to just be able to toss out my shyness out the window and be as bold as she is.  My companion is awesome.   

Where is my mission going??? It occurred to me this week that August 27 is my 1 year mark.  I cannot believe that it was almost a year ago that I was companions with Sister Worrall.  And guess what else? Sister Worrall goes home today.  What?!  My trainer is "dying"!  So weird.  Gaaahh I want more time here, I can already feel my time as a missionary slipping through my fingers like sand.  It makes me really jealous of Elders, they have 6 more whole months in the field than we do!  There is still so much that I want to learn and become while I'm here,  I feel like I'm gonna have to start working double time and overtime just to become the woman that God wants me to be before I get home. But, of course, it's an ongoing process that needs to continue even after I'm home.  

Love you! 
God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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