Monday, June 8, 2015

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Helllooo mi familia! (y amigos)

This week we had a zone conference, and it was quite a bitter-sweet meeting. It's President and Sister Brinkerhoff's last month here.  Soon we will have a new mission president! President Hancock is his name.  I know it will be different having a new mission president and that some things may change, but come what may and love it! 

Last week we heard about Elder L Tom Perry passing away. That was talked about in Zone Conference a little bit too, as Elder Perry was extremely influential to the Idaho Pocatello Mission.  He came to the mission a lot and was the one who changed the standard for baptisms from one baptism per month per companionship to two baptisms per month per companionship. He's really had a big impact, so it was something that was very personal for President Brinkerhoff. 

I got to see a lot of the missionaries from Blackfoot, which was really fun. Sisters Whalen and Hansen are now serving in my last area in Blackfoot, so I got to talk to them about how the investigators and converts there are doing.  It was great to get updates!

We had exchanges this week with our Sister Training Leaders and the sister that I was with told me a "parable" that was really influential to me.  It was about a young man who wanted to be a karate master, so he came to a karate master to teach him.  The karate master asked the young man if he really wanted to learn, and he told him "yes!" so the master took the young man to a beach and told the young man to go out into the water, so he did. The karate master told the young man to keep going out into the water until he was about up to his neck in the water. Then the karate master came out to the water with him and pushed the young man's head down into the water. The young man flailed and struggled and fought desperately to come up for a few seconds, and then the master let him up again. The young man, flustered and angry, asked the master why he did that. The master replied "When you want to learn karate as much as you want to breath, then I will teach you."  She then related that parable to missionary work, and how we will know we are committed when we want the people we teach to come unto Christ as much as we want to breath. We know we are truly committed when we need to follow Christ as much as we need air.  

So that was a lesson to me this week. Love you all and hope that helped you to want to commit to Christ as much as it did for me. 

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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