Monday, June 15, 2015

                                                Burning an article of clothing at her halfway mark - 9 months!

Hey everybody!

So I don't remember a whole lot that happened this week, mostly because I lost my journal. And my journal is how I remember anything that happened during the week.  But really, I never lost it.  It was sitting on a table in our house the whole time.  Hiding right in front of me. 

I do remember details such as meeting the Gwen family this week! They were investigating the Church formerly, and we have knocked on their door probably 20 times since I've been here, but we've never gotten an answer. Well, we were on our way to our dinner appointment one day, and the Relief Society President was driving us there.  We happened to drive past the Gwen's house, and we saw them outside! As we drove past, I debated in my head what to do.  We would be late to our dinner appointment if we stopped, but then again we might never get this chance again.  I pointed them out to the Relief Society President, and I'm so glad that she had more courage than I did, saying, "Oh, I'll stop so you guys can talk to them!"  She did, and we got to meet this wonderful family!  They had felt a little too pressured the last time they were meeting with missionaries, but it seems like they are ready to start taking lessons again.  Hooray for members that are more courageous about following promptings than I am! I'm so glad we stopped, and I can't wait to meet with them again next week!

It never ceases to be beautiful here. There are these amazing sunsets up in the mountains where we live, and it's nice enough in the evenings that when we get home at 9:00 (which is when the sun sets) we sit outside and plan our day for the next day while sitting on the Long's swinging bench and watching the sunset.  It's beautiful, and quite peaceful. There are tons of cottonwood trees up here, which I don't think I had really seen before my mission.  All of the cotton blows off the trees, and on a really windy Idaho day, there is just cotton everywhere, flying through the air!  I call it a "summer snowstorm" because it really does look like it's snowing. 

 We've really been trying to find new investigators this week and talk to new people.  Sister Warren's words to me last week were really inspiring. I have to want to spread the gospel more than I want to breath.  I think of that every time we get an opportunity to talk to someone, and fear strikes me.  "Be brave" a voice rings through my head.  And I never regret talking to someone about the restored gospel, ever. Not even when they aren't interested.  I don't know why I still get scared, because I know I won't regret it!  I think it's just Satan's ways of shutting my mouth.  Don't let Satan plant fear into your heart when it comes to talking to people about what you believe and know to be true! Be brave!

Love you all so much!
God Bless,
Sister Moreland

attached is a picture of me burning a skirt, traditional of missionaries when we hit our "halfway mark".  I can't believe I've already been out 9 months!

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