Monday, April 27, 2015

                                                                                    Blackfoot Zone
Hello all!

Not really that eventful of a week, to be honest. Although Monday night, we did have a fantastic lesson with Rob and Preston on the plan of Salvation! 
 I LOVE teaching the plan of salvation!! It is my absolute favorite discussion out of any of them.  Just seeing the light bulb in the investigator's head turn on as we talk about answers to some of life's greatest questions. Answers to the "questions of the soul", as we call them.  Why am I here? Where did I come from? What is the purpose of life? Where will I go after this life?  When we talk about those subjects in relation to God's great Plan of Happiness, everything just makes sense to me.  And everything begins to make much more sense for the people that we teach.  There is so much to talk about in the plan of salvation, as well.  So much about the Atonement to cover, so much depth when discussing the fall of Adam and Eve...I could go on and on during our discussions, but usually we only have about 45 minutes, so a lot of times we end up splitting the plan of salvation discussion up into several different parts, depending on the level of understanding of those we are teaching.  If you ever want to share/explain some part of the gospel with someone to get their brain juices flowing, talk about God's plan for us.  If that doesn't stir people's minds to ask questions and ponder topics of life and God, I don't know what will!

                                                                                          Service Project
(This is the) service that we did this week! They had a big ward breakfast/service thing on Saturday.  We had a big pancake breakfast and then did a bunch of yardwork around the church building. Sister Leon and I were raking with this one lady who had served her mission in Scotland! and now she has a son out, I think somewhere in South America.  So we talked a lot about Scotland and Ireland and had some "good crack", as the Irishman call it. hee hee. 
Ehh...I can't really think of anything else...but I just want to thank everyone for their emails and letters of love and support! I love you all so much and pray for everyone back home all the time! Know that you are loved so deeply by our Father and Heaven.  When all is lost and it seems like nobody else is there for you, HE always is.  Love you soooo much!

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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