Monday, April 13, 2015

                                                                               Well Fed in Blackfoot

                                                                        Outdoor P-Day Activity
                                                            With Sister Brimley (MTC companion)
Transfer week is the longest week of my life, oh my gosh.
Well, this week was full of a heck-of-a lot of goodbyes. I hated it. But most of the week was okay, just really stressed about about packing and all (oh my gosh packing is a TERROR.) I didn't really start getting sad until Tuesday night, the night before transfers. Saying goodbyes to the last few families, and even harder was when Bishop Nickell shook my hand and with his eyes brimming, thanked me for staying with them and being a wonderful missionary.  After that, my heart ached as I looked around the house and reminisced of my time in Blackfoot.  My heart was and still is full of love for the people in Blackfoot.  Then Wednesday morning, we cleaned, took some pictures together as a companionship, and then headed to the transfer sight!

And now I am in Inkom! My new companion, Sister Le`on (lay-OWN) is from Houston, Texas.  She was born in California, though, and her parents are from Mexico. She just got done with her training, so she's still learning the missionary life and routine. 
In Blackfoot, every time I told someone I was transfering to Inkom, they said "Oh, Inkom Stinkom!" Apparently they call it that because there is a factory of some sort here, and factories usually put off a yucky smell. So I was expecting a teensy little town in the middle of the desert, maybe some oil fields nearby, foothills in the distance, and a smelly factory in the middle.  How wrong I was. Inkom is beautiful.  It's a small town in the mountains, so there are rolling hills everywhere, reminding me a lot of Ireland (except they are more yellowish mountains rather than the lush green ones in Ireland, of course). The views up in the hills are spectacular, there's winding roads and creeks everywhere...makes me really want to go hiking!  That might be a regular p-day activity around here :)

I forgot how hard learning a new area is.  You kind of have to empty your brain out of all the information from your last area to make room for all of the different names, wards, leaders, streets, and people of your new area.  The good part is that it's small, so there isn't quite as big of an area to cover and learn.  But we cover 4 wards, so there is still a lot of stuff to remember. I've met a handful of investigators. There is a lot of less active work here, a lot more than in Blackfoot. I guess when you're in a town this small, there are only so many new people to find and teach. But I have learned my new area in Inkom better in 5 days than in the first 4 weeks I was in Blackfoot. Which tells me that the Lord has really been answering my prayers to expand my mind and help me remember things. I pray all the time that I will be able to overcome my forgetfulness and my poor memory, and I've really seen it working wonders.  I feel more responsible than ever I have before.  I just hope the Lord will help me continue to expand my mind that I may keep it beyond just the mission. Prayer works, y'all. 

I think it was like the day after I got here, we were getting out of our car, and I stepped backwards to close the passenger door and tripped backwards over the curb, landing on my back on the rocks behind me.  As much as it hurt, it was more embarrassing than it was painful. I quickly stood up and made sure nobody was around. My companion laughed, but nobody else was around--phew! Then we turned around to go into this house, but a girl came out and asked, "are you okay??"  We all laughed, but I was so embarrassed. Haha missionaries aren't always composed and poised in their skirts and dresses and suits. 

We had a really great lesson with Kristy and Brett, a young couple, the husband is a returned missionary and his wife is not a member.  We mostly talked about their background in religion, asked them a bunch of questions, and read the intro to the Book of Mormon together.  They are sort of quiet, so it was a bit awkward at first, but as our questions began to be guided by the spirit, Brett really opened up at one point, expressing with tears in his eyes his desire to truly learn what Christlike love is.  The spirit was strong, and we can only pray that Kristy really felt that.  We set up an appointment for next week, can't wait!! 

Well, I will send pictures and things, but that's all I can really think about for now. I'm sure as I get to know the area and people more, I will be able to recount more of my experiences.  I know this church is true and that the Savior is there for us wherever and whoever we are!

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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