Monday, April 6, 2015

                                                                            Dawn Rae's Baptism
                                                                           With Investigator Michelle
                                                                             Best Place in Town to Eat!

Oh, mah goodness, what a week.
Okay, this will be a quick one because we have lots to do today. I'll just start with Monday.

Last Monday after emails we had a zone activity where we played basketball, had pizza, etc. Then the Nickells took us to their "island" which is really just a campsite by the snake river, but it looks really fun and we had planned to have a zone activity there today!!---unfortunately it rained last night and we're not sure if we're going to be able to start a fire in this...blek. 

Wednesday. Wednesday was April Fools. That morning, I recounted to Bishop Nickell the hilarious April fools joke that Mom and I played on Chase that one year, where we wrote a fake letter from the "court". (Chase got in trouble for throwing eggs at age 10, so we wrote him a letter from the "court" saying he would have to pay a $1500 fine and two weeks in jail - really had him going!)  Bishop Nickell thought it would be similarly amusing to do something like that to the zone leaders, especially since we had Zone Training that day. He said that it would be fun to make a letter to the Zone Leaders from the city of Blackfoot that said due to poor contact of the missionaries for the Church, proselyting by full-time missionaries would be prohibited within city limits.  Haha the Zone Leaders would have freaked. But, unfortunately, a rouse like that would have taken time, and we only had an hour before the Zone Training, so we decided against it.  However, I did pull a much simpler prank on one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Cook. I always bring popcorn to our missionary meeting, and this day I also brought a plastic spider, and slipped it into the popcorn bag, right on top. When Elder Cook saw that I had my usual bag of popcorn, he excitedly reached his hand into the bag without looking, and pulled out a handful of popcorn along with the plastic spider. He brought the handful to his mouth to eat, saw the spider, screamed, and flung the popcorn all over the place.  I didn't know until then that Elder Cook is almost as afraid of spiders as I am. It was pretty funny though, we all got a good laugh. 

That night, we went to see "Walk with Christ" with Natayla and Joann, which was really good. It's this thing that they put on in Pocatello where you walk through the church building and see scenes of Christ's life, or more the account of events in his life from people that were there.  As a theatre major, I couldn't help but critique the acting the whole time, but for a non-professional production, it was pretty impressive. Joann and Natayla really really enjoyed it, too, really felt the spirit.  It was a really great night. 

Thursday. During weekly planning, which we do every Thursday, we waited in anticipation for the phone call. Transfer calls. around noon, we received a phone call from President Brinkerhoff, who informed us that I will be transferring to Inkom! Which happens to be Sister Leasi's first area that she served in! Also, that was Sister Brimley's last area! My new companion will be Sister Le`on, originally from Mexico, more recently from TEXAS! So this will be fun.  The new Sister taking my place is Sister Whalen. I've never met her, apparently she's been out over a year.  I will miss Blackfoot so much. I've basically been running around like crazy trying to get ready for transfers. Packing, Updating the area book, packing, cleaning, saying goodbye to everyone, taking pictures with everyone, packing...yeah it's nuts. 

This was it, ladies and gentleman. The moment we had all been waiting for.  The moment that Dawn Rae had been waiting for for almost 4 years. She got BAPTIZED! 
She had been working towards this for so long. Like we have records for this family in our Area Book from 2011.  And she finally did it--kicked the habit, and through the merits and Grace of the Holy Messiah, was prepared to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood of God.  And when we showed up to prepare for the baptism, guess who was there? SISTER WORRALL. aaaaahhh I was so excited, I hadn't seen my trainer for four months. It seemed like ages, though. We talked each other's ear off, and I forgot how much I had missed her.  She was ecstatic about Dawn Rae, and Dawn was so happy to see her. I'll send some pictures later.  
Conference was awesome. As usual. Elder Holland tore it up. I think his was my favorite talk this Conference.  He can talk about so simple a subject and yet makes it just so powerful. I was in awe of the wonder of the Atonement as I listened to his talk yesterday.  I also really enjoyed Elder Wilford A Anderson's talk on the "Music of the Gospel". I loved all of the musical metaphors to our lives and the gospel. Also, President Uchtdorf did a great job on his talk on Grace. I think that would be a great one to show to those who misunderstand our interpretation of Grace.  

Tell your friends and family who did not get to see conference to watch it on It's right on the front page!  You can even reference them to specific talks that you think might be inspiring to them.   There really are so many things we can gain from listening to the Lord's servants.  

Also, we had and Easter lunch between sessions with the Boyds, and an Easter Dinner after the session with the Arves (ward missionaries!) and they were both delicious!

Well that's it for this week! Love you all so much and I'll talk to you in INKOM!

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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