Monday, January 19, 2015

Helloooo my family and friends! 

Unlike last week, this one flew by rather quickly. This week was transfers, so we had some missionaries in our zone leave and some new ones come in. Last Monday was two of the sisters' last day in the mission field, so we had a sisters lunch together, which was super fun.  So now, Sister Brimley is in my zone! Yayy I'm excited to serve with her again! 
Sister Leasi and I have been working pretty hard to find new people, especially in our wards that don't have as much work right now. It's proving to be more difficult than I thought.  People just aren't home! Not even on Saturdays! And the few who are really aren't interested.  We came across an especially nice lady that said "Oh, I'm not mormon and I don't wanna be" and started to walk back inside, so we said "Okay, well have a great day!"  to which she replied, "I will once you get off my driveway".  I had to chuckle when I heard that one. When most people see that we're leaving, they just respond with, "you too", but I guess some people just gotta be honest. I found that the phrase "Kill 'em with kindness" is pretty accurate. Often, when people are rude to us and we respond with kindness, you can tell that they regret being rude. Hopefully that will encourage them to be nice in the future :) So just some wise words--be kind, even to strangers :)

I think my favorite day was yesterday.  After church, we went to the the Eppoch's house, and I made chicken pablano for everyone! I wasn't sure how spicy everyone liked it, so I went light on the spice (but then put extra spice on my plate, and after adding a ton, it tasted just like Mom's :)  
After dinner, we went to the fireside in Pocatello.  Lindsay and our other investigator, Shelby were both there! One lady who was supposed to bare her testimony didn't show up, so last minute they asked Lindsay if she would bare her testimony in front of everyone. She accepted! She was so nervous but her testimony was beautiful. It made me so proud to hear how strong her brand new testimony is. Also, Lindsay told us she has pics of the baptism printed out for us, I should be getting those soon! Me and two other missionaries, Sister Stewart and Elder Gross, sang our own arrangement mix of "I Stand All Amazed" and "I Need Thee Every Hour". Ended up being really pretty. The rest of the fireside was awesome--there were some really good speakers who talked about change and starting a new year in Christ, as the theme of the fireside was "Look Not Behind Thee: Starting a New Year in Christ".  Great Sunday!

I always have been a big believer in change.  Anyone can change, and through Christ, anyone who comes to Him can abandon sin and turn over a new leaf.  We shouldn't, however, "wait for God to come to us"--or wait for some life-changing experience to force us to change--we can come to Christ! It's like that painting where Christ is standing at the door with no doorknob.  Christ is always at the door to our hearts, knocking.  We just have to open the door. This year I really want to make an effort to be a Christ-like as I can. In all times and in all places. 

Well, I love you and hope you are doing well! 
God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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