Tuesday, January 13, 2015

                                                                       Baptism of Lindsay
                                                              Yay, got a gingerbread house!

Helloooo mi familia!

This week was the longest week of my life. No particular reason, I just feel like Wednesday was about 2 weeks ago. weird. 

I pet a kangaroo this week! We went to this member's house, and she has a pet kangaroo. This was a younger one, so he was about 4 feet tall and just hopped around the kitchen.  She had him on a leash, and could even pick him up and put him on her lap, but he didn't seem to like that too much, haha. He was very soft, but very hyper, so wouldn't really stay still long enough for you to pet him that much. So that was interesting.

Saturday. Saturday was quite eventful. It was Lindsay's baptism!!! Yayy!! So we got there at 10:00 am, an hour before it started, only to find out that one of the other wards had a baptism for an 8-year-old scheduled at 11:00 as well. Oh, no. Apparently somebody was supposed to inform the stake to make sure there were no conflicts, not sure who though. SO, some rearranging had to be done--we agreed that the other ward would have their first talk in the relief society room while our baptism was performed at the font, and then we would switch places. So it all got worked out. 
Lindsay was really nervous, and honestly I was nervous, too, just out of concern for everything to go smoothly.  Now I know how you feel, mom, when you're worried about everything going smoothly for the 8-year-old baptisms.  I was fretting that somebody who had a role in the baptism would forget to come or that there wouldn't be towels or I don't know, I was just being little miss Tobi :) But it went really well. Lindsay's best friend talked, Her friend's dad baptized her, and she was just beaming with happiness afterward.  I really am so proud of her.  The baptism really made me see just how important a super solid fellowshipper is.  A convert needs a good friend to be with them throughout the process--the discussions, planning the baptism, after baptism...Lindsay really had that, and it puts me at ease knowing that she is in good hands.  After the baptism, the bishop came up to us and told us that Lindsay had talked to him about how much she appreciated us. She could really tell that we loved her, and that really touched her. Hearing that really touched my heart. Love really is so important in teaching, and I'm glad that she could see how much we care about her. <3

So after the baptism, the primary president of one of our wards, Sister Erb, took us to the Idaho Falls temple to meet the Riders at the Visitor's Center! We had a great visit. They really enjoyed all the things to do and look at in the visitors center, and we all felt the spirit really strongly there.  They want to come back again to watch "Meet the Mormons" which is playing there this month.  We left the temple, and about 15 minutes into the 25 minute drive back to Blackfoot, we received a phone call from the temple visitors center, informing me that I had left my bag there. Oh my gosh. My bag. The thing that has my entire life in it.  The thing that never leaves my side ever. I left it, and what's worse is that I didn't even realize it! Sister Erb was kind enough to insist that she would drive back and get it after she dropped us off at our dinner appointment. I felt horrible. Pray that God showers blessing upon generous Sister Erb.

Then we had a church tour with the Diaz family. The husband, who is the non-member in this extremely quiet family, asked a question for the first time in any of discussions. It was the most I have ever heard him talk. Woo-hoo! Hooray for questions and getting people to open up! 
Also, I had a weird wave of Texas homesickness one day this week. I heard "Tennessee Waltz" at someone's house and all of a sudden I just wanted to ride in Mimi and Papa's car and listen to country western and have cactus jelly and wear cowboy boots and shoot guns. Also tell Papa that I went to the family history center this week, and I really like the features they have on family search. You can put pictures, stories, memories, etc.  It made me want to get to work photoshopping old pictures to put into the system. A project for when I get home, perhaps?  That would be cool and fun.

Well, that's all I can think of for this week. I'm having a great time and working hard out here! Love you all so much!

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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