Monday, January 26, 2015

Another exciting and adventurous week in the life of the average Idaho, Pocatello missionary!

So -- not yesterday but last Sunday -- we were told by one of our bishops that there was a child in the ward (his name is Tason) who's family was active and they were planning on a normal, child-of-record baptism when he was 8, but things happened that caused the family to have to delay the baptism, so he is now 9. Any youth 9 or over is technically a convert and then the responsibility of the mission.  "and the baptism is planned for this Saturday", said the bishop. Oh dear. We really didn't know what needed to happen. There was a possibility that we needed to teach the child before baptism. We definitely needed to interview the child before baptism. But after a bunch of shinanagins and phonecalls between us and the district leader, zone leaders, APs, the bishop, President Brinkerhoff, and the stake president, the whole situation was finally approved to continue the way the family had originally planned. Whew! So we had a surprise baptism this week, which went great! Yayy!

So we were walking up the pathway to an investigator's house and Sister Leasi and I were joking around, I called her "Fe'e" (which means Octopus in Samoan, it was her nickname back home) and she laughed and kind of punched my arm.  Well, we were walking on slick ice at the time, so the force of the punch caused my feet to slip out from underneath me and I fell on the ice on my side. Painful, but soooo funny. It was a perfect America's Funniest Home Videos moment. 

Also on Saturday, Maddie---the 8-year-old of the part-member-family we've been teaching---got baptized! yayyy! She was baptized in a joint baptism with 2 of her friends from primary. All 3 of them sang "When I am Baptized" together, which was super cute. 

"God who makes no demands is the functional equivalent of God who does not exist." That is my quote for today.

Well that's all for today! Gotta get to Walmart, you know. Love you!

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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