Monday, October 27, 2014

My dearest loved ones,
Well, we had yet another investigator drop us last Monday.  That would make 3 in one week.  Having an investigator drop you is a bit like getting dumped.  Some approach it really slow and carefully and feel bad about it, but still want to see us.  Some do it over the phone.  Some send it in a text message.  Either way, it's not fun.  Especially when it's an investigator we thought was progressing so well and wanted to learn so much more about the gospel.

The beginning of the week started out really really slow.  Longest week of my life.  Things just were not moving.  Nobody was progressing.  No one was able to meet with us.  But on Friday, we had an awesome lesson with the new family from NM.  It is crazy how much they have been prepared to hear the gospel.  The opportunity to move to Idaho just randomly popped up and they took it without even going up here first to check it out.  They had a bunch of stuff happen in the moving process that got them in contact with LDS people from NM, they just randomly went to the temple visitors center on their way up to Idaho just to check it out....just so many things have been put in their way to prepare them for this.  Their hearts are so open to learning new things and to really putting it to the test and figuring it out for themselves if it is true. 

Little miracles have been happening all over the place.  For example, we went to contact a referral the other night and the house was dark. No one was home, of course, but we went back to the car to figure out where to go next, and we hadn't been there for 30 seconds when a car pulled up. This kid got out and told us that his family is remodeling this house, so for now, they live down the street.  If we hadn't run into this guy right then, we wouldn't have ever figured out where this referral was. We almost just barely missed this guy. Coincidence?  I think not.  But since he caught us just before we left, we were able to go down the street and meet his family (hopefully some potential investigators!)  The Lord plans things out.  He times things just right to show us miracles. 

Haha, we saw another primary program yesterday.  In this ward, the kids knew the songs really well and did an awesome job.  But, like the other ward we saw, this primary also like to yell during the song "God gave us families."  Did y'alls sing that one? It was pretty great. 

Dawn is getting baptized next week!!!! She and her family have been working SO hard to get to this point.  Seriously, I have never seen so much faith and perseverance within one family.  The adversary has been throwing everything he has at them, but they have pulled through by relying on the Lord and supporting each other.  They didn't give up.  They kept going to church, even when the stress was almost too much to handle.  What an amazing family.  We are SO excited for them!

Love you all.  Stay strong and never give up!
Tell the fam to email/write me.

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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