Monday, October 20, 2014

Hola, mi familia and mis amigos!
This week was transfers, and I found out that this area is in need of more Spanish sisters, so guess who has been called to speak Spanish for the Blackfoot area in the Idaho Pocatello Mission?  Estoy muy emocionada de ser una misionera en espanol!  I was shocked when I got the news, but Sister Worrall and I will both have to learn the language, so we will be in this together.

Ha! Gotcha! Just kidding :) I'm still English-speaking. Haha.   I am hoping with all my might that that will never happen.  So this week was full of trials, blessings, and miracles.  First off, we were dropped by two investigators in 3 days.  But it was nice to hear from one of them (her name is Evelyn) that even though she was not going to "be a Mormon", she thanked us earnestly for "giving her faith again".  The Lord knows how to prepare his people for the gospel, and even if she isn't ready now, the fact that she is going to start attending a church again (even if it isn't the LDS church) shows that she has become a little bit more prepared to receive the gospel later in her life.  Well, where one door closes, another opens.  We met a woman who doesn't like organized religion but LOVES God and Jesus Christ and has studied many different religions.  We have set up a return appointment with her and we are excited because she has tons of potential.  Also, that new family from New Mexico came to church yesterday!! They may have been a bit overwhelmed with all the new information and way of doing things, but hopefully it will just pique their interest even more. 
So Sister Worrall and I were going to sing in Sacrament meeting yesterday.  Unfortunately, though, Sister Worrall got very ill that morning, so we didn't sing. :( The awkward thing is we invited a lot of our investigators to that ward to hear us sing and then we weren't they probably think we were just pulling their leg to get them to church!
So remember the little boy, Ethan, who just got baptized? We went over to his house on Friday. Ethan (who is 10, mind you)  told us that he started reading the Old testament last Sunday.  He is now in the 34th chapter of Genisis.  34 CHAPTERS. OF THE OLD TESTIMENT. IN 5 DAYS. THIS CHILD IS 10.  Needless to say, I was impressed.  If a ten-year-old boy can speed through Genisis like that, I should be able to enjoy the scriptures so much that I soak it up just like he does!
Well, that's it for this week.  I also carved a pumkin last Monday.  But now it's all saggy and rotten-looking.  The end.
Sister Moreland

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