Monday, October 6, 2014

                                                                  Love from Potato Land!

My Dearest Loved Ones,
Watch The Bible Videos.
Seriously. They are awesome. Especially the ones that depict the life of Christ.  I seriously wish I could spend all day just watching those videos.  Watch them.

Holy blessings. We have seen so many miracles this week.  Last week we were really struggling to find new people to teach, find anyone that was interested in hearing what we had to say, really.  But this week we had lessons with two people that we set baptism dates with!! One of them was a woman that we didn't even ask to be baptized, she just said, "So when should I get baptized? Should we plan a date for that?"  And Sister Worrall and I were kind of shocked (because this was only the second time we'd ever met this woman) and were like "Uhh...Yeah! We should!" And we've met a few other people that seemed like they might be interested in hearing more, so we'll be checking up on them again.  But like I said, the blessings are just pouring in!!  Heavenly Father is looking out for us.

We volunteered at a blood drive this week for this one kid's Eagle Scout project.  We were fasting that day, and they put us at the "snack table" of all places.  So we had to sit in front of a table of beautifully plated cookies, donuts, crackers, and juice for 5 hours and could not eat anything.  Oh, mylanta, it was so hard.  But the fasting paid off, and we met some people there at the blood drive to invite to watch conference.

So we live with the Bishop and his wife, the Nickells.  Bishop and Sister Nickell are awesome, and they have a two-story house with an upstairs that is just guest bedrooms.  We have a roomy bedroom with two desks, and the loft has a treadmill, stationary bike, and elliptical, so it's perfect for morning workouts (if we get out of bed soon enough to have time to work out, that is :/ ) Every morning we wake up at 6:30, exercise [kind of], shower and eat breakfast, do personal study for an hour, companion study for an hour, training for an hour (just for greenies like me) then we are off to proselyte!

Conference was awesome. All the missionaries in our zone went to the stake center to watch it in the chapel. There are about 12 of us, so it was kind of nice just being there with that small group.  Man, there were so many great talks.  If you get a chance, invite some friends to watch either President Uchtdorf's talk from Saturday or Elder Bednar's talk from Sunday.
ELDER BEDNAR. So we were sitting there on Sunday and I was thinking "please let Elder Bednar speak, please tell me Elder Bednar is speaking..."  And then they announced Elder Bednar and me and a few other missionaries there said "Yes!!" And then Elder Bednar said that he was directing his talk to non-members, and about half of us threw our fists in the air and said "YES!!" That was such an awesome talk.  Read the talks over this week, next week, and keep them in your hearts and minds as you go about your day.  So much good advice and spiritual guidance can be taken from conference.  I love you all and can't wait to hear from you. God Bless.

With love,
Sister Moreland

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