Monday, December 7, 2015

It's commiiinnngggggggggggg!!!!!


It's coming.


Get ready.


Alrighty here we go.  We had a Zone Conference.  It was full of slideshow goofy pictures, funny talent show shenanigans, and lots of Christmas excitement.  There, they introduced the website.  THE WEBSITE.  This website has a 2 minute video called "A Savior is Born" and it is absolutly wonderful.  I love the African kid.  That's probably my favorite part. He's just so passionate about it.  

So we got Christmas pass-along cards, like they give us every year, and we've been handing them out like candy.  Telling everybody about the good news!  Christmas!  A Savior is born! And not just any Savior, your Savior!  

To see what the world would be like without a Savior, check out this 2 minute video called Why We Need a Savior.

Yesterday we watched the Christmas Devotional Broadcast and that got me super excited about Christmas as well.  I love Christmas music.  It makes me so incredibly happy.

So last week, we went to contact a less active girl named Kate, and Kate didn't seem too excited to have us there.  Her roommate Alexis, however, is not a member of the church and seemed eager for us to return.  We went back yesterday and shared a brief message about the Book of Mormon.  She talked about how she was super open and willing to learn more.  We were doing cartwheels in our heads on the way out!  Miracle, my friends.  God lead us straight to Alexis, I'm sure of it. 

Once you watch the videos on, post it on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and any other social media you have! Spread this wonderful message of Christmas joy.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!
Sister Moreland

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