Monday, July 27, 2015

Helllooo friends

Yesterday, we were out making visits and we had a bunch of appointments cancel.  So we were wandering around wondering where we should go.  We had knocked on a bunch of doors and nobody was home.  We were in the trailer court and had tried both of the investigators that lived there, neither of which were home. In the car as we were parked int he trailer court, we said a prayer, asking God to please lead us to someone who is ready for the gospel , someone we could share this message of utmost importance with.  We finished the prayer, and not 5 seconds later, a truck pulled around the corner into the trailer court.  And it was one of our investigators that lived in the trailer court!  His name is Justin. Let me tell you a bit about Justin.  Mom and Dad: just imagine Chase.  Chase: this guy is pretty much you.  He's a 23-year old bachelor, the inside of his house is decorated with antlers of all different kinds, he loves winter sports, and loves the mountains and outdoors. Although he's been pretty indifferent about God in the past, this time when we met with him, he started asking a few questions, like what we believe happens after death, and what you have to do to be in a good place after this life.  This opened the doors for a great conversation, and although we didn't have enough time to go over the whole of God's plan with him right then, we promised him we would try and answer all of those questions next time.  God really does answer prayers, I know he does.  The fact that Justin just decided to come home from his job in Wyoming for the weekend and happened to pull in right after we said that prayer---coincidence? I think not.  God is there, and his hand is in our lives.
This week we had a CHURCH TOUR with a potential investigator who has now became a new investigator! Man, I haven't had a church tour in so long, since I was in Blackfoot! So it was awesome to be able to show him around the church. His name is Jeff, and this is how we met him:

After a very long lesson one evening last week, we were dropped off by a member at our car at the church parking lot.  Sister Stephens stood outside the car as I quickly backed up, wanting to get home as quickly as possible, as we were already going to be late getting home.  Then, in the rear view mirror, I see Sister Stephens run off, I guess to go talk to someone. "Sister Stephens!"  I said to myself, "What are you doing?? We have to go!!"  But then I looked back, and she had ran over to this guy that didn't look like a member of the churh  My annoyance quickly turned to excitement, and I got out of the car to join them. It turned out that he had flagged us down as we were pulling out, asking if this building was the Mormon church.  We told him yes, and he asked what times services started on Sunday! We told him, and talked to him a bit.  His name is Jeff, he's a young single living with his parents, not a member of the church and knows very little about it.  It also turns out that I've met his Dad  while tracting with Sister Leon!  We exchanged phone numbers, as he was interested in meeting with us to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  So this week, we had an awesome church tour with him, and he brought a friend, too!! His friend also knew next to nothing about the church! Very rare in Idaho, very rare.  But they were both very receptive to the message we shared with them! 

Love you all so much! Stay faithful to what you know to be true!

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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