Monday, March 16, 2015

                                                                               Zone Luau

                                                       The Polynesian dancers (sort of!)
                                                               Aiden's Baptism
My Beloved Ones,

Oh, my goodness, what did we even do this week? I don't really even know. The weeks are all just sort of blurring together. I'll try my best.

We taught a new member lesson to Joe and Daisy. Their kids were not present, unfortunately, but it was a great overview of the restoration and a good refresher for them. It was also great for us to see how much they really understand about the restoration of the gospel. We had this lesson at the Bishop's house, and the Bishop gave them tickets to general conference.  I am extremely jealous.  But they are SO excited to be able to go and see the prophet speak! Yayy! 

Zone meeting on Tuesday was very powerful.  Our Zone Leader Elder Jordan gave a very powerful training on giving everything to Christ. He gave a really great quote from C.S. Lewis, but I just asked him for it and he doesn't have it. But it was something about not just giving Christ a branch here and there from off your "tree", but giving Him the whole tree. It struck me pretty deep, and I'm really trying this week to focus everything I have to why I am here, and being willing to give up all I am for His cause.  
Remember the very first baptism I had in the area? Ethan and Emily? They moved this weekend :( luckily, they're not too far from the family history center that we email and do records in, so I'm sure we'll see them around. We helped them move this week, and that was fun. 
So we've been teaching this little boy named Aiden the lessons even though he's only 8.  He only gets to go to primary every other week because the other week he's with his dad, who doesn't take him to church. So it was really nice to be able to get to know his family and really teach him the discussions.  I honestly think it's a good idea to do that with all 8-year-olds, just to make sure they really know the gospel and understand the commitment they are making when they get baptized. So he got baptized this Saturday, and it was neat to go to that.

On Saturday, we had a Luau! It was a missionary activity for our entire zone. All of the missionaries in our zone invited all of our investigators and less active members to come to this huge Luau and enjoy island food and a performance by we, the missionaries!  Unfortunately, even with all of our inviting and encouraging people to come, we had 0 people from our area show up. Bleh. But it was still fun.  We did a couple different dances; the Elders did the Haka, which is a New Zealand Maori dance (led by our own Elder Teokoti from New Zealand) the sisters did a Hula dance, and all of us together did a Samoan Sasa.  There were a couple other solo numbers done by some of the other Polynesian missionaries in our zone and from other zones.  It turned out really good, and it was fun to perform. 
On Sunday, we took  Natayla and her grandparents to the temple visitor's center! We love taking people to the VC, it's always a very spiritual experience.  

Alsooooo....I found my package!!!! Thank you, Chase, you are the best!! :D

I love you all so much and hope you are having a wonderful week. Please pray for Natayla and Joanne, who are striving towards baptism but are struggling to gain testimonies of the Book of Mormon. 

God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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