Monday, January 25, 2016

                                                        Playing Capture the Flag with Singles Ward


Have I mentioned that?  Well I do.

So transfer calls were this week......we are both SAFE! Whew! I am so happy. I get to finish in Pocatello YSA! And with Sister Gilbert! It's gonna be great. 

So first of all, Friday was the institute opening social, and we invited everyone we met this week!  A few non-members and less actives came, so we got to go, too!  So guess what kind of activity it was?  A nerf-gun capture the flag war!  It was so much fun. The singles there thought it was pretty funny/weird to see sister missionaries in pants being really intensely competitive with capture the flag.  Haha tons of fun.

So we met with Ali this week. Remember him?  He is from Saudi Arabia and we've been seeing him for a couple months now.  Well this week, Ali told us that his friend/roommate found the Arabic Book of Mormon that we gave him in Ali's backpack.  The roommate asked Ali about it, and Ali started telling him about Jesus Christ, about how to pray, and about the Holy Ghost.  Ali told us that he wants to bring this roommate to our next lesson!  So 3 days later, we met with both Ali and his roommate, who's name is Mohammed (haha Mohammed Ali).   The only way that I can describe him to you is that his soul is simply hungering for the gospel.  It is amazing.  We were just teaching very simply about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.  He interrupted with questions about the extent of God's forgiveness. He expressed his feeling of lack of direction and purpose in his life as of late.  He expressed a desire to have the feelings that Ali talked about. He told us he wanted to feel close to God.  His soul simply hungers.  And Ali basically bore testimony of the things that we had been teaching him the last few months.  He expressed to Mohommed what reading the Book of Mormon has done for him.  He told him how being closer to Jesus Christ has helped him feel peace.  We are so excited for both of them.  And they both came to church together yesterday!!! 

We received a referral from a set of Elders this week.  The Elders met this guy outside of his house one day, and it turns out he's a young single adult.  He is also from Saudi Arabia. He was interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, so the Elders told us where he was at and went and saw him. His name is Abraham.  Although he grew up Muslim, he's been watching Youtube videos on Christianity lately, and he has a lot of questions about it.  We had to clear up a lot of misconceptions he had gotten from these Christian videos, including misunderstandings about the Trinity and of Grace.  He's got great doctrinal curiosity!  He didn't come to church like we invited him to.  But he was surprised when we gave him a Book of Mormon in the Arabic language.  He expressed that he truly wants to know if Jesus was really more than just a prophet.  When Saudi Arabia opens the doors of their country to missionary work, that place is going to just go crazy with baptisms.  I love these people.  I love single adults!  I AM SO GLAD THAT I AM STAYING HERE!

Also, I lost my planner this morning. That's like the 783rd time this month.  

Love you all so much!
God Bless,
Sister Moreland

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