Monday, February 23, 2015

So transfer calls were this week.  I felt sure that I was being transferred. I've been in this area for 6 months, President Brinkerhoff said in his interview with me that "that is a perfect amount of time in one area!" and during our district meeting's "transfer games", where everyone votes who they think will be transferred, when my name was called, every other missionary in that room raised their hand, predicting that I would be transferred. After all, out of everyone in our district, I've been here the longest.  Which is kind of weird, I was such a new little greenie when I came! It's weird to think that everyone else in our district is more new to this area than I am. Weird. But anyway, we got transfer calls and I'm staying here for another 6 weeks. Which I'm really glad about because it means that I get to witness----

Joe's Baptism!!! Joe and his lovely family have been prepared for this moment for a long time.  We've been teaching the family since they moved into the area about 2 1/2 moths ago.  This week was kind of stressful because we had to fit in the last few lessons, plan the baptism, get a program together, get him interviewed, schedule the time around a funeral that is happening the same day....there's a lot to do. But we are so proud of Joe for taking this step and so grateful that Heavenly Father has led him to this point.  
We also set a baptism date with Natayla! Sister Leasi and I had prayed and felt that she could be prepared for March 28.  But when we were in the lesson with her, at first I accidentally made the mistake of inviting her to be baptized on "February 28th" instead of "March 28th". Natayla looked like a deer in the headlights when I said that, then her grandpa exclaimed, "Wait, next Saturday??" Then, realizing what I had said, I corrected myself, saying "Oh, wait, no, March 28th!"  We all had a laugh, and Natayla agreed to prepare for that day.  Now to help her come to church.....

We had some of the most bizarre weather this week.   On Friday, it was bright and sunny, but in the distance you could see that it was raining in other parts of the area. While driving around, we would get to a spot that was raining (but still sunny) and then drive out of it.  Then, for a random 6 or 7 seconds, it started hailing! Then after a few seconds, it just stopped. And was still sunny and warm. Haha, it was so weird.  Idaho, man. 

I am lovin the Lord's work!  I see the amazing effects that his gospel has on families every day. I pray for my friends and family always and hope you are all doing well!

God Bless!
Sister Moreland

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